Mystery Capsules

Each Mystery Capsule contains one digital pin from a random selection shown on the Mystery Capsule page. More information about the odds and the specific digital pins that can be revealed will also be provided on the Mystery Capsule page itself. Collectors can check the revolving storefront for individual direct sale pins to add to their collection as well!

Revealing Mystery Capsules

When revealing your Mystery Capsule, you have the option to Skip Reveals, View All which skips the reveal animation and shows you the digital pins that you've received or Open Pin Reveals will show you the reveal animation before the digital pins. If you've selected either of these options, your digital pins will be added to your collection automatically even if you close out of the reveal. You can check your My Pins tab at the bottom of the mobile app to view any of the pins in your collection. You are also able to open them at a later time by clicking on the I'll open it later link if you don't wish to reveal them just yet.