Pin Shop

In the Shop, collectors are able to purchase a selection of digital pins from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios and Star Wars™. These digital pins can be purchased from Bundles, the Revolving Storefront, and Mystery Capsules directly in the Shop tab. For more details, also visit our Digital Pins 101 section in the app.


Bundles are a selection of digital pins that have been grouped for purchase together. You can check out the Bundles that are currently available directly in the Shop tab of the app.

Revolving Storefront

The Revolving Storefront, located in the Shop tab, will have individual digital pins available for a limited time and updates typically every 4 hours which will offer new pins for purchase. Any active Open Edition release will also have pins accessible through the Revolving Storefront. 

Check back often if you're looking for a specific digital pin or a variant from an active Open Edition release as you may find a different selection of digital pins for purchase. For more details, please check out the Digital Pins 101 page here.


Please note: Limited Edition digital pins are not available through the Revolving Storefront.

Mystery Capsules

Mystery Capsules will also be available in the Shop, containing one random digital pin from a set of digital pins. More information about the odds and the specific digital pins that can be revealed will be provided on the Mystery Capsule page itself. You'll also be able to quickly see which digital pins you already own by looking for a checkmark in the top right-hand corner of the digital pin.

In addition, you can purchase multiple Open Edition Mystery Capsules to save time on your transactions. Select the number of Open Edition Mystery Capsules you'd like to purchase (up to 10) before tapping the buy button. You will be able to view each Open Editon Mystery Capsule opening one at a time or reveal them all at once to quickly add them to your collection.