Pin Variations and Variants

Pin Variations

  • Open Edition 
    • New Open Edition digital pins are typically released each week. Unless otherwise specified, these releases are available for three weeks. These digital pins will not display serial numbers and will be released based on demand during their limited availability window. Open Edition digital pins may also be reopened for a reissue (e.g. "Second Printing") at a future date.
  • Starter Edition
    • Our first Starter Edition digital pins will be available until November 2024. Similar to Open Edition digital pins, these pins will not display any serial numbers and will be released based on demand during their extended availability window. Collectors may only purchase one of each Starter Edition digital pin, which cannot be sold, transferred, or traded while they are available for sale.
  • Limited Edition
    • Limited Edition digital pins are serialized, and released to a specific number of pins. These digital pins will never be reissued, and are typically available via a limited supply of Mystery Pins.
    • To view the serial number of your Limited Edition digital pins, head to your My Pins tab in the bottom bar, from there you will be able to see the serial number directly on the digital pin. If you have multiple of the same digital pin, you will need to first tap on the Pinbooks tab in the bottom bar. On this page, select the Edit button and then tap on the blue plus button. This will show your collection and the serials of each digital pin.
  • Series
    • All digital pins released in a year are called a Series. The inaugural Series encompasses pins from all sets initially released in the calendar year 2023. When a new Series starts, all digital pins from new sets will join the new Series. However, digital pins from sets released in a previous Series, along with potentially reissued Open Edition digital pins, will remain a part of the closed Series.
  • Reissues
    • Open Edition pins may occasionally be reopened for a reissue (e.g. "Second Printing") at a future date. Reissues allow collectors a new limited opportunity to obtain a Second Printing version of the digital pins they may have missed out on previously. No reissues will be provided once 18 months have passed since the last printing of that particular Open Edition digital pin and will be deemed closed.
  • Open and Limited Event Editions
    • Event Edition digital pins will be released in celebration of special events either digitally or in the physical world. Open Event Edition digital pins follow the same rules as Open Edition digital pins and Limited Event Edition digital pins follow the same general rules as Limited Edition digital pins.
  • Genesis
    • Some Genesis digital pins were minted and may be distributed at a later time.

Pin Variants

  • Standard
    • These digital pins have the highest chance of appearing in a Mystery Capsule and are typically the most common pin variant
  • Silver Sparkle
    • Silver Sparkle digital pins are recognized by their sparkling border around the pin itself.
  • Golden
    • Golden digital pins feature the pin in a solid gold color embossed with the pin details.
  • Digital Display
    • Digital Display digital pins feature a glitch effect and are one of the scarcest variants as their chances of appearing in a Mystery Capsule are fairly low.