Your Pinbook is the perfect spot to flaunt your Disney Pinnacle by Dapper Labs digital pin collection to friends and fellow collectors! With the starter Pinbook, you can showcase up to nine of your favorite digital pins all at once. Collect, share and rearrange your Pinbook the way that you like.

Creating and Customizing Your Pinbook

To start, head to the Pinbooks tab in the app and tap to create a new Pinbook. Select the plus button in the top left-hand corner of the screen to begin adding your favorite digital pins. You can also drag around to rearrange your digital pins or remove any digital pins you don't want on your Pinbook page.

Once complete, you will be able to customize the background colors and add new pages to your Pinbook by collecting more digital pins. You will also be able to share your Pinbook directly with other collectors, family and friends!

Community Pinbooks

Community Pinbooks allow you to view and share fellow collectors' Pinbooks. Tap directly on a Pinbook to view the full Pinbook and any digital pins that collectors have added to theirs. Share your Pinbook on socials and you might be featured next!